SetFocus to a WebPopupMenu

Seems that I cant SetFocus to a WebPopupMenu in Xojo WE.
Anyone experienced this or I’m missing something?


It depends on the platform and the browser. For instance, on OS X, the user would need full keyboard access turned on for a WebPopupMenu to get focus.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Thx Greg.
Thx Paul. Yes quite right about picture.
Sorry for me not being quite complete.
I’m on WIN 7.
In WIN 7 Control panel I could find something similar like yr picture for OS above.
Regarding browser In Firefox and Chrome also wasn’t able to find anything in settings for WebPopupMenu.

Any hints on WIN 7?

Thx in advance.

To be more specific what I want to acomplish.
Say imputing some text in WebTextField.
After finishing in code in WebTextField in KeyPress event need to setfoucus to a WebPopupMenu like

For other WEB controls working fine.