Set up report with variable field height?

Hi everybody!

I need to set up a report that outputs one element line by line. However the text contents vary in length. Usually the field contains one line of text only, but sometimes it could be more.

Now when I leave enough room within the “body” of my report, the generated report has a lot of white space and looks just ugly.

Is there a way to make the height of a report field variable, so its size is automatically adjusted? Or are reports wrong for my intended use and something else works better?

The built-in Xojo reporting does not have variable row heights. It’s been a requested feature for years.

We make a reporting tool called Shorts that has a lot of nifty features like variable row height, drop-in report designer and viewers, export to PDF, HTML, and CSV, external report files and much more. You can find out more about it at It comes as unencrypted Xojo source so you can modify as you see fit (and are inclined to do so).

Thank you, but I’m looking for native solutions only.

Then the answer is no. There is no way to make a variable height row in a Xojo report.

No matter, thank you. Even I appreciate the fact that provide open sources, it’s still too expensive for my project and the feature that would make it nice - creation of PDF documents - needs another third party plugin purchased.

Anyway, thanks again.