Set filename via SaveAsDialog

Does anyone know why this code will not allow the user to set / edit the file name?

// CREATE THE SAVE AS DIALOGUE Dim dlg as New SaveAsDialog Dim f2 as FolderItem dlg.InitialDirectory = SpecialFolder.Desktop f2= dlg.ShowModal()

What platform? It’s working here on OS X.

Funny how you have SaveAsDialog in your code, and you still manage to spell it wrong in the thread title :wink:

Are you navigating to a directory you don’t have permissions for?
By not allowing to set, do you mean the dialog doesn’t allow you to edit the name field, or do you mean the final file isn’t what you entered in the box?

Paul - OS X

Tim - I cannot change the default UNTITLED name.
I even tried hard coding the default name, but it still will not allow me to change it :frowning:

Do you mean the placeholder filename?
The way you worded the original post I thought you meant your user couldn’t set filenames.

If you want to set the default save file name there’s two choices. GetSaveFolderItem is the quick’n’dirty. If you want to continue using SaveAsDialog, you would need to set SuggestedFileName before ShowModal.

I tried using the SuggestedFileName, but the user still cannot change that??

Sure they can. It works as expected. We can’t guess what you are doing that makes it not work for you. In your code snippet, you don’t show where you are setting “suggestedfileName”. More code, or maybe a screen shot?

I’ve been working with Richard privately because I was really intrigued.
The savedialog opened and acted as expected, the file name box was even active. You just couldn’t type.
At all.

I recalled reading something about drop actions holding some kind of death-grip. I can’t remember the specifics, or where I even read it (maybe a webinar? maybe an example project?) I just remember the workaround was relaying to a timer.

That happens to be the solution here :slight_smile:

I thought I was going mad :slight_smile: