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This is probably a very elementary question; however, I can’t test it as I don’t currently have Xojo in front of me. Just trying to put something together to work on once I get home. That said…

Since is immutable and is read only… is it possible to SET the system date using the new framework?

Why would you do that? Windows and OS X (don’t know about Linux) automatically get the correct date and time from time servers.

I’m actually using Linux… on a bash-only interface (no gui) w/o NTP installed. This is why…

Why not use shell to set the system date ?

That might help (via a Shell instance): Linux: set date through command line.

Michel, that’s probably what I will have to do. Just wanted to verify it can’t be done within Xojo before I go that route.

EDIT: And Eli… thanks for the link. I posted this before I seen your reply.

For clarification:

I don’t want to use the shell unless I have to. I haven’t tested it in awhile (and a few versions back); however, using shell under linux had a nasty memory leak issue. Added to this, I try to keep everything internal before I start using external apps and commands to handle things for me. Basically what I’m trying to do is the following:

  1. Connect to remote server via TCP (which I’ve created)
  2. Establish connection
  3. Fetch the server time (which is simply sent in text via the TCP socket)
  4. Set local time to server time.

Even a minute or two difference wouldn’t be a big deal for what I’m using for; however, we have some old devices out there w/o NTP services installed and I need them to be somewhat accurate when pulling information from the serial ports and storing them in a sqlLite database (I store the local time with this as I need the timestamps of incoming serial events).

We’ve had a few devices which somehow (I’m thinking CMOS battery shot) reset to like the 1980s. Hahaha… so when the data was upload to the server, it was worthless as we couldn’t tell exactly when the events occurred. I figured just a simple sync when it connected to the server should be reliable enough (it connects every hour to dump the data).

no you cant set the date using

  1. security
  2. permissions

[quote=213529:@Norman Palardy]no you cant set the date using

  1. security
  2. permissions[/quote]

I figured. Just checking. Thanks, Norman.