Session.UserTimeout unique to each session?

If the opening event of a Session sets Session.UserTimeout, does that only affect that session - or is this a shared method/property across all Sessions?

Furthermore, if a Session updates this value periodically - for instance on a page where there is a bunch of data entry and timing out too early would upset someone, to other pages that are inconsequential and could use a shorter TimeOut period, does this only apply to their session?

UserTimeout is on a per Session basis.

UserTimeout has to do with the amount of time that a user can be idle (no keyboard or mouse activity) before the Session.UserTimeOut event fires.

TimeOut has to do with the amount of time that can pass since the last communication from the browser before the Session is destroyed.

Edit: fix event name

This may be more for you to logout people if they are idle.
Doing something in UserTimeOut event.

The TimeOut property and TimeOut even is different for a connection problem.

So which is more appropriate in web 2.0? My users have a tendency to walk away from the screen for a while.

Right now, with no timeout of either kind set, I’m getting disconnected in less than a minute.

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