session.TimedOut replacement?

Hello all,

The docs do not say (or at least my searches do not show) what the replacement is for the Session.TimedOut event is.

Can anyone advise what that replacement is???



SessionTimeOut is an event in Web 1.0

I see this in the documentation from 2012R1:

Web: Added a client-side property to handle user inactivity. WebSession.Timeout specifies the number of seconds that the user is allowed to be idle. MouseMove and KeyUp events automatically reset this timer. Once the Timeout period is exceeded, the Session.TimeOut event handler is called.

Tim is looking for the Web 2 replacement.

Correct. I don’t believe there is such a thing

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the responses!

Its not TimeOut, it’s TimedOut - past tense.

So in Web 2 how to know when the session has TimedOut??

I’m confused, Session.UserTimedOut is not working or is not the replacement of TimedOut?


Yes, I think you are right. It did not appear in my drop down, or I missed it. Maybe too much frustration for one day…

There really needs to be a LIST of events and replacements. I cannot believe there isn’t one already, it has been years since this was started.

UserTimedOut does not mean the same thing to me as TimedOut. To me it means something the user did, or did not do…

Anyway, if anyone knows where such a list exists I’d love to hear about it. Help is not always that helpful…

Thanks again!

It’s not a replacement. Session.Timeout is an event that is raised when well the session timed out. Session.UserTime out is a property.
To be honest I’m just reading the old docs, I never used session.Timeout in Web 1.0 :slight_smile:

Session.TimedOut an event on Web 1
Session.UserTimedOut an event on Web 2 (see image I posted)

Hello Hector,

I know that the two are different, I was looking for the TimedOut event. That replacement is Session.UserTimedOut.

The TimeOut is a property to says how long to keep the session active when no input is seen by the user.

Yes Tim, I understand. My post was directed at @AlbertoD .

I’ve been reading the docs trying to figure out a solution to your problem finding a replacement for the event you are looking for :wink:

This is what I’m trying to point out Hector:
WebSession.TimedOut - Xojo Documentation New in Xojo 2012r1
WebSession.UserTimedOut - Xojo Documentation New in Xojo 2020r1
both are events, one for Web1 and the other for Web2.

Oh. Right @AlbertoD . I should clean my glasses as I was misreading what you posted.

I was refering to:

UserTimeout As Integer

The number of seconds the end-user can be idle before the UserTimedOut event fires. Set this value to zero to disable the timeout. The default value is 180 seconds. Whether or not the user is idle is determined by the Mouse, Key and Touch events on the browser itself.

This example is in the Opening event: