Session Obsolete?

I was just looking at some settings for the Session object in the IDE. I see this:


Is Session or it’s settings goes obsolete?

What is obsolete?

The group name is a bug. Those are all valid.

Thanks, Greg. Do you need a feedback report for that or is that already handled.

Why is the interfaces setting different? (Used to be a button)

Why are so many things in Web different?

Web apps used to look like desktop apps. That is what was cool about them. Now they look like any other web page. The Eddie’s Electronics blog post is the perfect example of this. Oh but so modern.

Web apps used to be able to be developed with little to no knowledge of things like CSS, Bootstrap, HTML, JavaScript, etc. Now you have to be an expert in those things to program in Web2.0. I program in Xojo BECAUSE I don’t want to have to learn those other things. At this point in my life, I’m looking to deploy stuff quickly and use mainly one technology and not have to learn multiple different programming languages or skills.

I could go on but I’m trying to be nice…

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After years of developing this, I kinda doubt Greg has the energy to give you a list of reasons why Xojo has made so many things different. FWIW…many people find it much better. Maybe after a few more releases it will grow on you.

We are off topic… obviously.