Session close with long mysql query 2014 2.1


I have a big problem with xojo 2014 r 2.1

I have a web app that use hi intensity mysql query. When i build with xojo 2014 r1.1 the app work great with my linux VPS. But when i build the same webapp with xojo 2014 r2.1 when the app its running and try to do a hi intensity mysql query the session is close. If i run the app in my local machine as debug the app work greate with xojo 2.1, the problem is when i upload the cgi version to my linux vps. All the problem is with xojo 2.1, with xojo 1.1 its work as expected.

Please help…

We fixed some bugs which would prevent sessions from ever closing in 2014r2 and 2014r2.1.

That said, if you have a mysql query that makes your app unresponsive for more than a quarter second or so, you should really move that code into a separate thread anyway.

I move the code to a separate thread, but i have the same problem, the session is close after 8 or 9 seconds of the query start. In xojo 1.1 this problem no exist. The same app build with xojo 2014 r2.1 as stand alone work perfect, the problem is in cgi

I’ll need to see an example. Please create a Feedback case with a sample project showing the bug. (If you are attaching your project, make the case private).

I still have the same issue, try your self, Create a loop of mysql INSERT, 500 rows for example, if you do in stand alone is work great, if you do in cgi mode running in a Linux Server the session is close after 15 seconds. In XOJO 1.1 work greate, but in XOJO 2.1 the session is close.

And I still need to see a sample.

Hi Greg, i can’t provide a example because i can’t provide access to a mysql database. I download XOJO R3 and the problem persist. When you have multiples mysql query with more than 1000 row the web app crash. I still use XOJO R1.1 because in this version all work fine. I want to use the newest version but with this bug my app is unstable. The problem is in LINUX web Server.

I’ve got a MySQL database that I can use, but I still need to see an example of your which shows the problem. Just put in dummy credentials for the database connection code.

i in the process of preparing some examples, but in the mean time check the feedback case #36460