Session close 2019r3.1

Good morning,

After updating my webapp with the latest version of xojo 2019r3.1 some clients informed me that the session closed suddenly. I have verified that there are no errors in my code. This is because it also happens when you leave the webapp open on any page. Has something changed in the timeouts? Has anyone else had the same problem? Has the connection management between client and server been changed?

Thank you

There were no changes to WebSession in 2019r3 or 2019r3.1.

I forgot to specify that the previous version for me is 2018r4. So I extend the request to the various versions 2019. Thank you

Release notes are available in the Documentation folder of each build as well as here:

Just search those pages for Session.

Yeah, okay, I read them already. I haven’t noticed anything in particular that might cause this problem. I wrote on the forum to have some suggestions, some opinions to find the problem, not the list of all the changes of xojo…

at which browsers?

They told me they tried both opera, chrome and safari. I think this problem only occurs on clients that have a very slow connection. It is as if compared to version 2018r4 if the server no longer receives any packets within a certain amount of time, the session is brutally closed. For this reason I was asking if there was any update but there is nothing in the changelogs. I was wondering if any changes have been made to the web framework 2.0 that have not yet been declared.

The default amount of time that a session will stay open is 3 minutes. Is it possible that you set the Session.Timeout property to something lower than 180 seconds?

Hi, Greg,

Thanks for the idea, but unfortunately the timeout is set to 600. Also it doesn’t close after an x time but while you are using the webapp (with very slow connection). I think it doesn’t affect the user’s inactivity time, but an x time that the server no longer detects the connection between client and server, am I wrong? I know I’m describing a problem that probably happens only to me, when I can’t reproduce it either, but unfortunately for the clients it’s a really serious problem that I have to solve.