Service Dialogs appears on the other monitor

WIndows 8.1
Xojo 2014r3

Place the projecdt on another window,
Run the compilation (build the application or run in the IDE).

Some dialog will appears in the “internal” monitor.

Not a bug, but hard for your neck…

Are they showing on the monitor where your cursor is?

Greg: good question: I do not know as sometimes I use the keyboard shortcut to run or build and sometimes I click in the green triangle.

Width other words: I do not know and I cannot check right now 'cause I do not take my 22.5" with me at McDonald’s (laughts).

I will check later today and give answer by tomorrow.

I checked when back home and a click in the green triangle to run the application in the IDE and keeping the Mouse Cursor on that external monitor (where the project is) display the “service dialogs” on the boot monitor (the other one).

Of course, this does not crash the IDE, but it is annoying to have to look here and there to know what happens.

Note: my own Open dialog appears there, but it goes mlike this with other applications.

Also, if I press ctrl-o (or Select MeniUtem FileOpen) as soon as I can, the Open dialog takes time to open (times like one minute, not 5 seconds).