Service Application Management

I’m looking for some advice on managing an app that I am writing to run as a Windows service. The application will monitor input folders, grab files as they arrive, do some processing and save the modified version in output folders, (pairs of input/output folders for each queue). From a management perspective what I want to be able to do is run a remote management app to do the following:

  1. View whether the service application is running, paused or stopped
  2. Start, restart, pause or stop the service application
  3. Add, change or remove queue preferences, (probably should require restart on save)
  4. View logs

Would it be better for this to be a Xojo desktop app that remotely accesses the server or would it make more sense for this to be a stand alone web app also running on the same server as the service application?

Can anyone point me to sample Xojo code for accomplishing items 1 and 2?

Are there considerations for managing this type of service application I haven’t covered?

Thanks in advance for any comments or guidance you can provide.

  1. MBS has some handy functions to see look at processes. You could also use IPC Socket or EasyUDP to see if you can connect to it.
  2. Not sure on this part. MBS might have some API to do this.
  3. If you’re doing some form of comm’s you should just be able to send it a command to reload the prefs. Short of that restarting should be sufficient.
  4. If the log files are always in a known location I would just have the management app just grab them. Keep it simple.

I would look at MBS and/or search the forums for start/stop service apps.

I’ve seen both desktop and web apps for this sort of thing. Really it’s a matter of preference, though, if this might be on a headless (meaning no monitor) computer the web app makes a certain amount of sense.

[quote=206678:@Tom Dixon]View whether the service application is running, paused or stopped
Start, restart, pause or stop the service application[/quote]

Both are provided by the built in SC.


FireDaemon has an app with a web UI to manage custom services. Even better they don’t have to be actual Windows services.