Serverwarp ? Phillip

Well I hope it works out. I have my reservations about a registrar that still has a Wordpress logo for it favicon.

PDR are also behind ResellerClub who may be who ServerWarp are using. The forum shows Phillip has been here within the last few hours so maybe you’ll hear back soon. PDR should come back to you fairly quickly.

If you need a responsive registrar to move to I can thoroughly recommend NetIM

I see: Seen May 4

Ah, when I clicked on him it said read 4h . Maybe I was looking in the wrong place

But really is he going to give the same excuses and promise a change or just vanish again?

I do not use his services but have seen the last few years of complaints and as another small business person I cannot excuse his practices .

I would advise not doing business with him, sorry

His services are kind of giving Xojo a bad rep now I would think

If you click on the Avatar once you see:

if you click again you can see:

I’d hope he’s going to help get this domain renewed so that @Daniel_Pereira can get his domain renewed, released and migrated off ServerWarp.

Reading other posts the customer service at ServerWarp sounds terrible!

Ah! Got it

I do not mean to be disrespectful towards any business BUT I have watched the questions and answers over this same discussion over the last few years and it always ends the same as he responds and states he will make it ok and vanishes or has the same excuse as how hard life has been. Sorry you cannot use that excuse when you have customers counting on you for their business, just in my opinion after all this time there is no excuse

After a few occurrences in 2017 or 2019 as “abnormal customer service experiences” yes it happens BUT this is proven to beyond that and it is a service I would warn others against


Hi @Daniel_Pereira we renewed your domain at our expense.

The reason you did not get an invoice is because you did not pay for the renewal last year so the system considered it expired. We paid for it last year as well. We have over a hundred customers renewing their domains without issue. I apologize for the inconvenience this caused.

You all can reach out to me at phillip at or phillip at if you have questions or concerns. As I may have mentioned, my wife manages this business now and it is still quite profitable.

It’s quite common for those who have bad experiences to be the loudest. I’ve made good on all those who have received bad service. Many others are humming along just fine. It’s unfortunate we haven’t been able to provide great service for everyone. The costs are quite low and while thats not justification, its never warranted a full time support person. It was a passion project out of love for Xojo.

BTW @Daniel_Pereira looking at my email, We wrote you back within 24 hours (5/6/2022) with resolution option and you never replied back. I am really disappointed this has escalated to the forums under the pretenses that we haven’t replied or done right. Anyway… it’s done, we renewed it at our expense.

Phillip, your site is full of problems. Your wife needs some technical support.

Thanks Rick. If you read, we have intentionally let the site SSL lapse because we are not taking new sales until 2.0 launches. The pricing model is getting changed (much cheaper) with a new server hosting model.

Current users may be suffering due such lack of maintenance. Better just change the sales page for an announcement for Server Warp 2.0 + “Come back next month” than letting the current service rotting.


Great feedback, thank you.

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I never had service from you so that is not an excuse
If over the years with what I have have read and again I’m not meaning any small business any harm, it has taken days for you to respond and then when you do it is always the same
Sorry I would warn anyone not to do business with you as from what I have read from pre and post customers it is not a great experience

Hi, thanks for the renewal for this year.

But I have to mention that I’ve paid my invoice last year on the 6th of may 2021 by PayPal.
My domain was expired for one day and that’s my bad.

And you are right when you saying that the domain renewal is generally without issue. But after my late renewal of last year (1 day :slight_smile: the status was not updated and was flagged as expired. On the 4th of June 2021, I’ve opened a ticket asking you to fix the problem. It was closed without resolution. That’s the reason why I didn’t receive my invoice.

This year, on the 4th at 11h00 AM, I logged in serverwarp, no invoice, I’ve immediately sent a email to correct the situation. On the 5th, still no invoice, I’ve open a ticket, no response. And the reason why I’ve opened a ticket is it was obvious on the 6th and later on that I would not have be able to receive any email from my domain. I was checking a response through my ticket on serverwarp hoping to have an invoice to pay.

So you were waiting a response from me by email and me from you’re ticket system.

The situation was almost funny…

My apologies Daniel. I see lots of cancelled invoices from the past. I may have been confused.

I will happily credit your domain renewals for the next 5 years for the miscommunication and misfires here. As I said, I don’t want ServerWarp to be a cause of pain for you or anyone.

I have a new version of the platform launching and hoping we can earn back some goodwill.