Serverwarp ? Phillip

Anyone heard from serverwarp. I haven’t gotten a reply from support in 3 days.

His Let’s Encrypt Certificate seems stopped at Fri, 19 Mar 2021 14:28:09 GMT

Last post Apr 4, 2021
Last seen Feb 19, 2022

I dropped his service last fall, after receiving no replies to numerous messages I sent over the course of several months, including both emails and posts to ServerWarp tech support. Sad, his service was exemplary for many years.


lol, 3 days? There are WAY YOO MANY posts in the forum complaining from weeks and months. Why people is still using that?

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I just sent him an email mentioning this thread. Hopefully he will soon chime in.

That said, although I had a good experience for almost a decade with Phillip, I am starting to be concerned one day he may throw the towel.

For the moment, let‘s just hope nothing more bad happened to him.


Hi @Timothy_J_Kearns very much alive. Wife and I are on vacation with our 18 month old and been quite busy since Thursday. Travel is very fun with a young one! I will reply back this evening.

Thanks Michel!

Yeah, I don’t spend much time on the official forums these days…

@John_McKernon Thanks for the kind words for service in the past. I am also the CTO of so ServerWarp is a still very profitable business but I have intentionally not taken new sales while we launch ServerWarp 2.0. Its been a huge passion project to rethink the experience end to end.

That being said, during COVID, my wife giving birth, and growing Array… have not always been able to deliver quality service. I am reflective and sad about that. I intend to offer something fantastic to previous customers if they would take a shot with us when 2.0 is out again. I also completely understand if those bridges are burned.

@Ivan_Tellez we have let a few people down but the business is still profitable and we have really gone the extra mile for many customers when we can. As many of you know on this forum, its not easy building a small business.

I’m trying to renew my domain with serverwarp.

There is a bug in the settings on the portal that says that my domain is expired since may 5th 2021.

The real date is may 5th 2022, I logged in my account in server warp to pay my fee and there’s no invoice available.

I’ve open a ticket, I’ve wrote a email to Phillip and send a message with the forum.

Is there someone that knows a sure way to contact him urgently? My domain will be deactivated surely by the end of the day. I won’t be able to receive or send email with my business email.


Try emails to phillip (without spaces) and CTO

Phillip @ seems to work. Thanks.

But still no news.

I’m really annoyed, I can’t renew my domain because there a error in my profil in serverwarp that Phillip never corrected.

I’m stuck with a domain that is expired. I cannot send or receive my emails. I cannot access website where’s my email is my account. It’s hurting my business.

Is there a way to renew a domain without passing through serverwarp?

Is there a website where I can make a formal complaint about this?

Thanks and sorry for using the forum for that kind of request but people have to be aware of the bad service (no service) that Phillip is providing.

Seriously if this guy is not prepared, or able, to provide the service he promised then he should not be in business - if he is unable to due to other pressures then sell the business to someone who is prepared to.

This has been going on for years now.

If it’s truly expired and hasn’t been poached for spam already, then you can just register it at any other registrar. That said, there are few domains that expire without being snatched up to run ads for at least a year in my experience.

Check with a registrar and see if you can purchase your domain and take control of it
In my opinion never let another party such as a webhost control your domain registration as it can lead to what you are experiencing

Purchase your domain and then you can control the nameservers


Depending on the domain extension you will be able to complain to the registry for the extension. Also depending on the extension there is usually a grace period. If you are within that grace period I strongly suggest getting a back order in for that domain with another registrar so that the domain isn’t obtained by spammers. The appropriate registry should also be able to help get control back too.

Which extension is the domain - .com .net etc?

the domain is

It is not clear if there’s a grace period. I can send email but I don’t receive any.

Your domain is registered through Public Domain Registry, but according to you’ll need to go through ServerWarp. You might have luck contacting them at but the fact that your email routes through your domain is… trouble. I’ve never been bit by such a thing, but I make sure all my domain-related stuff goes through an email address outside of my domain. Just in case. When you get this recovered, consider using a gmail, hotmail, icloud, etc. email address for hosting and domain emails.

You will probably need to setup such an account just to get started getting support, but that’s also going to look suspicious, as if you’re a third party trying to get control of the domain. Be prepared for a comprehensive identity verification.

PublicDomainRegistry are usually very responsive about unresponsive resellers.