ServerSocketTest as WebApp


I`m trying to have same sample app that exists in Examples -> Communication -> Internet -> ServerSocketServerTest but as a webApp, so that i can get some data on a TCP port .

I tried to replicate it but unfortunately i get an error on the ListBox errors as it tells me that "There is more than once item with this name and its not clear to which this refers " and unfortunately the message its even more unclear to me as there are no extra details.

Here you have the Project File for reference

Any Help is more than welcomed,

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t study this for very long, but it looks like both wMain addMessage and clientSocket addMessage both refer to a MessageList.

I think you just need to walk through those and separate out the messageLists or only have one thing manage the MessageList and let the others request additions to it depending on what you are wanting.