ServerSocket support for IPv6

Hi All,

I’ve written a service which has set up with a ‘ServerSocket’. This is all working and my test can connect provided I connect using IPv4.

Looking at netstat -an, I can see that it’s only listening using tcp4
tcp4 0 0 *.9035 . LISTEN

My problem is the software that I’m writing the service for is trying to connect over IPv6 and because the IP is valid, not falling back to IPv4.

I’ve written a quick service in c code, which is listening on tcp46
tcp46 0 0 *.9035 . LISTEN

And the software is able to connect.

Before I ditch all the code I’ve written in Xojo and switch to using c - is there a way to get a ServerSocket that works with IPv6 as well as IPv4 ?


Note: I Don’t have any control over the software that’s connecting to my server. My only other option is to disable IPv6 on the server.

Please make a feedback case.
I can help and add a bit of c code from my plugin if needed.

Hi Christian,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve managed to sort out the third party software so now it’s connecting over IPv4 - so now have moved onto next issue.

But I’m not missing anything - Xojo’s ServerSocket doesn’t support IPv6 and there isn’t an option to turn it on ?


I made a feature request: <>