ServerSocket Locks after 244 Simultaneous Connections on MacOS.

So I have the server socket example and wrote a quick client app that does this:

Client App:
Timer( with interval of 1000ms)
dim sock as new TCPSocket
sock.Address = “”
sock.Port = 11234
socks.Append sock //Appends to array
label1.Text = socks.Ubound.ToText //display number of sockets in array

The server side seems to crap out after exactly 244 connections are kept open with the built in Xojo ServerSocket Example.

Just for the hell of it I set the minimum to 256 and the maximum to 1024 on the ServerSocket (This yields about 250 Active connections)

For the hell of it I wrote a console version of the same example app and managed to get it to throw a ServerSocket error of 24 after 244 connections were kept open.

Any Ideas?

Update: See below.

Mac has like all Unix a file handle table.

Long ago we added a function SetMaximumOpenFileCountMacOSXMBS to our plugins to increase the limit.

Bingo! Good thing I bought your fancy plugins!

Thanks Christian, adding that line to MacOS did the trick