serversocket how many connections at same time ?


do you know how many maximum active connections serversocket can have ?


server sockets dont have any connections
when a connection is made a new tcp socket (or one from a waiting pool) is given the job of handling that connection & the server socket goes back to listening for new connections
the minimum size of the waiting pool of connections can be managed

ok i know that and my question is not easy for me in english but, may be it is really limited because…hummm virtual memory ?
I have an application with serversocket who assume communication’s game.
I would know if i have to specify a maximum players limit for good run.
i think 10 players is not hard but more…???
if my server application crash all players are out…

The OS may impose a limit on the maximum number of sockets you can open
That will vary from OS X to Linux to Windows
Beyond that it really is “limited to available memory”
But there are also likely practical limits like how much processing power you have etc

Is there one way to compute this ?

not that I know of