Server Statistics class

Hi all - I’d like to share our cXCstat class which provides disk space and memory total/used/free/percent statistics as well as top and du info for apps on your Xojo Cloud server. I find it very handy for keeping an eye on low memory/disk so I know when to restart our servers. Hope it helps.

Download cXCstat class

Just download the class, then drag it into a web project (contains a brief readme)

Feel free to PM if any questions.

Thank you Matthew. I was just looking for something like this today.

is the class Xojo CLoud only or is that what is only tested? looks like a great class.

This is intended to monitor Xojo Cloud servers only
it should work OK on unix flavours with suitable editing (I’ll make a ServerWarp version when I get around to it, however I’m not having the same issues there as I am on XC)
Definitely not intended for Windows - you’d need to rewrite the Refresh method
[top] command syntax is different on OSX (it puts an error on the error property)
A debugbuild check uses a sample entry for the memory check (check out the code)
[du] will fail unless the path exists - just edit Refresh method to suit if path is different on your platform
The other commands will probably work (if they don’t just change the class to suit)

Updated project (ready to build/deploy) for both Xojo Cloud and ServerWarp servers - a free app that gives some useful statistics about your server.

-includes an updated xcstat class that adds cached memory to free memory (as cached RAM is free for new processes etc).

Download xcstat project

Very Nice. Thank you for sharing it.