Server side downloading ideas needed

Hi there… I am writing my first web app in Xojo and I have 2 questions.
I tried writing pictures to a longblob on a serverside database. It didn’t work unloss the image was quite small.

So… I heard that the best way was to save the uploaded files (most likely as a jpeg file) (I would probably use a timestamp code as the file name and have that as a string url in the database to get the image and display it).
I would also need to create a different folder on the client side and store the picture in there.

Question: I need a small code example for:

  • how to create a folder on a server.
  • how to save a picture file that I’ve uploaded from the webapp ad how to get the url for that.

I can imagine that it’s easy enough the upload the picture once I can get the url!

PS I hate asking for code… so this would be most appreciated!