Serious Xojo Crashing Issue Hindering Development Progress – Seeking Help!

Hello everyone,

I’m a developer using Xojo, and I’ve recently encountered a severe problem that I’m hoping to seek assistance for here.

Issue Description: During my usage of Xojo for development, I’ve been experiencing frequent crashes. These crashes occur at various points in my workflow, including but not limited to:

  1. Running code
  2. Writing code
  3. Adding controls to windows
  4. Modifying control properties

What’s particularly frustrating is that these crashes don’t provide any error messages; the program simply closes abruptly. Sometimes, I experience these crashes dozens of times in a single day, severely impeding my development progress and causing a lot of frustration.

I’ve already tried several common troubleshooting steps, such as reinstalling Xojo, updating to the latest version, and checking for hardware or software conflicts on my computer. Unfortunately, none of these measures have resolved the issue.

I’m reaching out to the community here for help and advice. Has anyone else experienced similar problems with Xojo crashing, and do you know of any solutions? If you have any experience or suggestions regarding Xojo crashing issues, please do share them with me. Your assistance is greatly appreciated, and it means a lot to me.

Thank you all!

Are you developing using Windows, Mac or Linux?

As I haven’t seen reports like this, maybe the Region/Language can be something to test if you are willing to change that on your system just to see if there are any differences.

Have you tested with other computers?


@锦璋_陈 ,

please tell us which OS and version you are running.

What bugs me is that the issue arises while doing different things. Even though the crashes don’t provide any error messages, there could be hints in the operating system. For example, if you are running Windows, you may have a look at the Event viewer.

Did you write a method that takes care of unhandled exceptions ? If not I suggest adding one, so you can print to screen the type of exception and error message for example.

From what I understand the IDE crashes and not only when debugging.

Try with another user on the same computer and then try with another computer.

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Is your project saved in a folder that is synched to the cloud, such as iCloud, Dropbox, or OneDrive?
If so, exclude the source code folder, (and the location where your debug app is built) from that, or move your work to a location that isn’t synched in this way.

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I don’t see those crashes on macOS Ventura 13.5.1 using Xojo 2023r2. And i have a lot of plugins installed. Do you use Xojo plugins? (Did you try without them?)

Idea: Can you reproduce the crashes playing with the more complex Eddie Electronics Example Project?

Maybe Xojo have issues with special fonts on your system other users don’t use?