Serious Deployment Issue

Hi, having migrated from VB.Net to RealStudio and now Xojo 3, I cannot believe the difficulty I am experiencing in uploading a newly created web site to our Mac Mini-Server running OS X 10.6.8 and Apache 2.2.

I should mention we have two Mac Mini-Servers, the first runs mail and handles files etc and the second is partitioned with Parallels running a MS-SQL database supported by my VB.Net Application. The Apple and Windows partitions both run with different IP addresses, with Xojo and Apache running on the Apple partition.

By sheer luck I came across Bill Keeney’s suggestion of placing all Xojo produced files in the CGI-Executables folder and now receive the following error:

“Application launched, but unable to connect using port 80.” This error is thrown up by the cgi file produced by Xojo as part of the build and is caused by a routine trying to open sockets.

So my question is what do I have to do to get this system to work. I realise there are a number of people out there who have experienced similar difficulties. Having invested a huge amount of time migrating my system from over to Xojo 3, the least I expect is to be able to make it run on our own server.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.

For port 80 you need root permissions.
Better use CGI mode or at least a port over 1024.

Many thanks for your prompt reply - changing the port to 1030 now opens the web site.

However, the first page is for log-in and I get the following error when pressing the log-in button and activating the “Action” event handler.

Unhandled NilObjectException


The error seems to be cause when I dim the recordset.
sql = “select user_id,user_name,password,security,initials from user_tbl”
dim rs As RecordSet = leadyacht.SQLSelect(sql)

Testing locally when actually connected to the MySQL database on the server I do not get an error and the programme proceeds normally to the next web page if the credentials are correct. I set up the remote LY-MySQL database using the correct IP address with the correct User and Password and the port 3306.

All the files produced by Xojo’s Build routine have been placed in the CGI-Executables folder.

Any suggestion would be much appreciated.

do you check for nil before you access database?