Serial Port Data available

I have one basic question on serial port.

I have connect the serial port using below code

Popupmenu - change action:

If Me.ListIndex = -1 Then Return

Serial1.SerialPort = System.SerialPort( Me.ListIndex )

If Not Serial1.Open Then
MsgBox "Couldn’t open the device: " + Str( Serial1.LastErrorCode )
flagCommPortReady = False
flagCommPortReady = True


Popupmenu - Open action:

Me.ListIndex = -1

Dim i, count As Integer
count = System.SerialPortCount

For i = 0 To count - 1
Me.AddRow( System.SerialPort( i ).Name )

and i write one msg box in data available;
But its not displayed while i run the xojo.

Are you sure the device is sending data and that you have the Baud, Parity and Stop Bits set properly?

Thanks Greg O’Lone… I miss the baud rate…

Now its working fine.