Serial.Parity in debugger

I am having trouble communicating with a device after its serial parameters, baud and parity, have been changed and don’t know if the problem is in my Xojo program or in the target. While I set parity with 0 for none and 2 for even, in the debugger it comes up with 8 digit numbers. In fact the same number appears for stop bits as for parity. The port number is also a similar number with the last two digits changed. I couldn’t find the codes for these values in the documentation. Is this info available in the debugger.

If you’re thinking that the debugger display is incorrect, just copy the values to some temp variables and look at those instead.

The temp variables was the problem. I had been storing the parity constant in a database, then initializing the serial port with the field from the recordset. It works now that I use the recordset value to determine which constant to set.