Sept 11-14 2015 Substitute XDC Contest: Yes, You Can Win

Since our giveaway contest at XDC 2014 was a bust, we’d like to offer you all another way to win copies of Valentina Studio Pro Universal and Valentina ADK for Xojo.

Check out the rules and conditions here.

Strange to see hardly any response to this.
I wouldn’t mind winning, so I entered the contest.
So far I seem to be the only one.
I don’t quite understand that, since the products we can win are rather nice.

Take selfie as required
Go to Valentina website to login
login details are auto-filled by Safari
login details not recognised - WTF?
register anew, Safari updates login info
click on link in confirmation email
“You are now registered and can log in to use this site”
try to login
User not recognised- WTF?
try to login, type new password
“You are seeing this because of too many failed attempts to log in. Your access is temporarily blocked. This is a security measure. We apologize for any inconvenience. If you need to contact us immediately, please send a private message through our Facebook page at

Eff this.

Strange. I got through in one go this time.
Last time (at the conference) I had problems as well, but not this time.
Too bad people are still having problems.
Two of us got through though.
Lynn said he might extend the contest to give some more people a chance of entering the contest.

I didn’t want to enter first. The issues with the forum are not new.

I can only encourage people to try. The prices in the contest are pretty nice. And yes, it is annoying if their forum doesn’t work the way it should. So far there’s only two of us that entered the competition, but they want at least 10 people to make it a contest. :slight_smile:

We will keep it open a bit longer so more people can enter - through the end of this week.

We haven’t been able to duplicate the problems. I suspect it has something to do specifically with Safari. We are getting a lot of new log ins and registrations every day - which makes me think, since Markus brought it up, that its something specifically to do with the auto-log in / password save with Safari and possibly something going on with what’s being cached by the browser.

The temporary block out was extended a bit several months ago. But attempts are cumulative and not based solely on just the user name or password being used.

This contest has been extended through September 18, 2015

Okay, final / final extension goes through September 30, 2015. We have enough participants now. Some have uploaded some nice looking pets too!

Back from Team Building event. Glad we reached enough people.
Waiting for the announcement of the winners.

[quote=217384:@Dirk Cleenwerck]Back from Team Building event. Glad we reached enough people.
Waiting for the announcement of the winners.[/quote]

It’s all good and winners announced here. For anyone who run, make sure you follow the instructions on how to get your prize.

Cool. Thanks.
At least I don’t need to start crying. :slight_smile: