Sending an email without user interaction


I’ve an application with an update functionality. When one user want to update, I would like that my application send me automatically an email with some information. What is the best practice to do that ?
Can I use a SMTPSecureSocket to do that, using my smtp server address ( and my password ?
Several questions in this case :

  • Witch port must I use ?
  • Does all provider accept this message or have I a risk to be blocked/blacklisted ?

As I can see, many company are doing that (Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft, …). Is there another way ? How do they do that ?
Thank you to be kind enough to give me your advice.

I’d suggest calling a script on your website using an HTTPSecureSocket which sends you an email. Otherwise, you can never change the password on that email address

Indeed, this seems better.
The problem is that I don’t see exactly how I can do that. I see in the LR the HTTPSecureSocket example. But now I must have a script that treat my A quick google search was not very helpful. Have you some suggestion to allow me to go further. I suppose I must write a PHP script that send me the mail using the mail() function. But how can I pass the parameter to this script (Mmmmh, I know, this could be a bit off topic of Xojo coding…).

OK. Found the way to go with the help of

As suggested by Greg O’Lone, I have called a php script with a “” command.

Thank you Greg.