send text to phone

if any one have done this i need to now what is the best protocol to send text to cell phones
like TCPSocket,Pop3 or ??


Check out Twilio

The first app. I wrote in Xojo does this to various groups of people selected from our database. I use a 3rd party SMS/Text provider, and you buy your messages in bulk as credits. You have a choice of API’s to choose from, I use SMTP Email via a TCP socket as part of their ‘developer central’ package.

but way pay if i can send like a email
Xojo no works or ?

what is the problem

You can send it that way, but if the message is too long it will send it in multiple messages…you could also try, it appears to be able to handle longer messages…

but with thunderbird works fine but from xojo no works it works some times only

I am looking for what I am doing wrong to correct it

from Thunderbird work perfect

this is my code

eMailServer.Address =""
eMailServer.Secure = True

eMailServer.Port = 465
eMailServer.Username =""

eMailServer.Password ="101"


// Populate Email Message
Mail.FromAddress ="Alexis"
Mail.Subject =eNombre
Mail.BodyPlainText =eMensage
Mail.Headers.AppendHeader eLocate01,"GasPos v1.0"

s = replaceAll(SendTo,",",chr(13))
s = replaceAll(s,chr(13)+chr(10),chr(13))
for i = 1 to countFields(s,chr(13))
  Mail.addRecipient trim(nthField(s,chr(13),i))

eMailServer.Messages.Append Mail

I have code in an app that sends an email, but I know who the carrier is.

In another app i developed earlier this year I didn’t know who the carrier was, so I used and it works great. Twilio has great documentation and decent pricing.

Both of the apps I mention are .Net, but it shouldn’t be hard to get working in Xojo.

+1 for Mikes suggestion. if you’re sending sms to many. I’d stick with an email if you know the carrier and only sending to one.

I use the SMTPSecureSocket fine with GMail, so make sure you’re using the securesocket, it looks like it from the SSL bit in the code. If memory serves me right, the socket fires off various events, so when I started to test the code, I put in a lot of System.Debuglog stuff with specific text to the event in most events to see where it was failing etc. May be worth doing that.

Your setting for ConnectionType is likely wrong. Try using TLSv1 instead.

Thanks Greg

I have used in the past. They support FTPing a file or via email to create your Texts, plus you can ask them to be delayed until a certain day/time. They also have European support.

hi Greg
i try but no works