Send/receive email with Outlook 2010 using Microsoft Exchange Server... HOW???

I have a client (large company, multiple locations) whose email system uses Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Microsoft Exchange Server. In the past, I have successfully written email routines but they all involved email accounts using POP/SMTP, not Microsoft Exchange Server. Typically, I’d use essentially the same code from the Xojo LR, such as:

[code] SendMailSocket.Address = “” // your SMTP email server
SendMailSocket.Port = 25 // Check your server for the property port # to use

// Create the actual email message
Dim mail As New EmailMessage
mail.FromAddress = “
mail.Subject = “Test Email from CaseDMS”
mail.BodyPlainText = “I need my new case model approved for release”
mail.headers.appendHeader “X-Mailer”,“Case DMS Request for Approval”

// Add the message to the SMTPSocket and send it
MailProgress.Visible = true

My Xojo desktop app needs to allow the client to automatically generate and send an email to another employee(s) within the same company (e.g., same email system/server). My problem now is that the client’s usage of Microsoft Exchange Server (and Windows Authentication) leaves me clueless where to start. Consider me neanderthal when it comes to server side matters … I spend 100% of my time and programming efforts on the client side. I looked at every reference I could find on the forums here, but there seems to be an abundance of POP/SMTP examples but precious little on how do I make that work with email accounts using MS Exchange Server. What little I did find talked about writing PHP scripts, etc … not in my realm of either understanding or control.

Any suggestions as to where I start or how I’d do this?

Thanks in advance!

In exchange, you can set up an SMTP connector and send through that.

Thanks, Greg … where can I find information on how to do that (neanderthal, remember???) ^^

When I did it six years ago, I just googled it.

OK … been trying that since I sent the original post without any luck so far … I’ll keep looking … thanks.

I’ll see if I can find the info in my references here.

BTW … found plenty of hits on the topic … none of which I understand at the moment, so I’m digging in for a long day of “larning” (as we call it here in South Carolina) ^^

If you can get the Exchange admin to set up a SMTP send connector, your code above will pretty much work. Presumably they’ll have it locked down and you’ll need to provide login credentials when sending mail. They’ll also need to know what ip addresses(es) would be using the connector.

Just for your interest:

  1. (You can access an Outlook account without having Outlook installed)

Scott, thanks for your reply … I asked my customer yesterday to have his IT department contact me to discuss the possibility of this. Not sure yet whether their policies will allow it, but I’m sure hoping so.[/quote]

[quote=162874:@John Hansen]Just for your interest: (You can access an Outlook account without having Outlook installed) [/quote]
John, thanks for the references … interesting stuff that I never knew existed. I’ll be reading more about it to see if that offers any possibilities here.