Send multiple emails using MBSCurl with thread

I need to send multiple emails at once using CurlEmailMBS. I can send one email by calling the thread but I would like to append 3 emails and send them all at one time.
I could do that using the Xojo mailsocket but would prefer to use the MBS plugin.
Each email has a different recipient, subject, and body.
Can someone explain how to do this with the MBS plugin?

curl, on which MBS is based, has extensive support for doing multiple simultaneous operations.

I don’t use MBS, but I believe that they expose the multi-operation API through the CURLSMultiMBS class.

Thanks Andrew, I looked at the info in the link and could not make any sense of it. I guess that I could go back to using the Xojo mail socket, but error reporting is not good.
If anyone has some sample code of sending multiple emails with MBS then let me know.

You saw the examples?
e.g. MassEmailer example.

Basically you create a new CurlEmailMBS object for each email and send them over a CURLSMBS object. You can send multiple in parallel.

I will take a look.