Send codes to printer

I have a thermal transfer label printer.
I need to print sending codes (string) to the printer.
It is connected by usb and the installed drivers, in win it is one more printer: “Godex 500”

And I do not know how to assign it and send the codes (string).

any ideas ?

I can tell you how I did it, I’d be interested to see if someone else has a better way.

I was working with Windows, so not knowing your OS you might have to modify. I created a new printer on the computer attached to the label printer. I selected the USB port but used Generic manufacturer and Generic / Text Only driver. Thus windows would not try to reformat or alter the raw text I send. I then shared the printer on that machine with the name Zprint.

My XoJo program from that point was fairly straight forward. I used the file name “\\\Zprint” in a new FolderItem. Created a TextOutputStream using that FolderItem and output my text file directly with “.Write”, flushed the buffers with “.Flush” and then closed the TextOutputStream.

I’ve done this with both EPL and ZPL language printers, on both Windows XP and Windows 10 machines.

Great idea.!

It works very well for me I have not created the text-only printer.
I have shared the printer with its “Godex G500” drivers as zprint and use its method (\\ \ zprint).
All Perfect, for now.

Thank you.