Send a parameter in url to web app


is this possible to send a variable in a webapp using a url parameter like :


so the xojo wepp app knows somevalue
or you have to use php or something ?
thank you

Take a look at:

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!! thanks, trying right now ! :slight_smile:

yes i can have somevalue from
inside my xojo app, but it’s when i go back to https://myapp, then value is updated, how do i automatically redirect.

if i return true it display custom message, if the event false, it’s the browser returning 404.
so in the response message we could write redirect or something ?
thanks a lot

ok so i redirected with this
Response.Write “”
Response.Write “<meta http-equiv=”“refresh”" content="“0; url=”">"
Response.Write “”

and it works ! omg couple line of code ! awesome !

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