Self hosting App config help :)

Planning on doing my own hosting of my webapp.

Do you guys have a tutorial or paper on how to host your webapp on your own servers?

What do ya’ll use? Can you share?

you need a virtual private server hosting service (5-10€ per month minimum) its separated into linux or windows os.
if u use a vps u need also a backup service.
i used WinSCP to copy the files on my “vps”, but be careful that the connection is encrypted.
some links from the docu

btw, the first thing i had done for a linux vps is to enable remote desktop via Windows PowerShell + ssh …

After trying to make my own hosting work, and wasting a lot of time dealing with abstruse documentation for a VPS with no support, I went with 1701 software, now which is under Linux, but with good support.

Phillip Zedalis who owns it is a member of this forum, and that also played a role in my adoption. I have been with him since 2013 and currently have a bit less than 20 domains there.

I love being able to upload a cgi, and it just works.

I know he also worked on making standalone more friendly.

I don’t have time to waste trying to be my own host. I rather pay (not so much) to have someone else making sure the server works smoothly, and eventually provide support. As it stands, that solution is less expensive than Cloud, yet more flexible. I am not sure I would be able to host that many domains on Cloud anyway.

I have some resources for running our own. but i wanted to run it on xc.


One question tho, is there any security risks?

In addition to the resources above, if you do decide to host yourself, I created this document for my customers that walks through setting up a LetsEncrypt SSL cert for a standalone Xojo web app.

Those instructions may vary slightly by OS/platform.