SelectionChanged not firing?

I was asked by a forum member if I could help with setting up an Einhugur TreeView and make the selected nodes of it appear in a Listbox. Luckily I could help and chose the SelectionChanged Event to retrieve the selected rows and forward them to the listbox. All fine.

But when I return the project, the event will not fire on the member’s Mac. I suspected some plugin problems and sent him a build which runs nicely here – but not for him … So I am unsure if this is an Einhugur, a Xojo or a Mac issue.

Did you encounter something similar? I’ll change the project and and it here soon in case you have some time to check (and a TreeView plugin installed of course).

So here it is:

Can you select several rows from the TreeView and do they appear in the listbox on the right then?
They should, but like written that’s the problem – they do only on my Mac, not the forum member’s …

Works fine here. 10.9.5, Treeview 6.3.0, 2014r3.1. Also works in Win7 x64 VM.

Doesn’t run here at all on 10.10.1 and Xojo 2014r3.1

I’m getting three errors “…but its superclass TreeView does not declare such an event” for the, TreeView1.nodeaction and TreeView1.selectionchanged declarations.

Do you have either Einhugur TreeView & Core demo plugins or the serialized versions installed in case you bought them?

Thanks, Tanner! Wonder what makes the event not fire on the other Mac.

Opps…that was it, no Einhugur plugins…works fine now :slight_smile:

This is not related to the issue but…deselection is not working. Select all the items and then trying clicking on just one item…the selection doesn’t change.

Edit: on second thoughts it could be related.

Thanks, Kuzey. That’s strange again: Holding CMD on a Mac, I can select and deselect single lines like it’s meant to be.

Ah yes, but shouldn’t a new click on a row (even if already selected) change the selection? That’s how the default listbox seems to work.

That’s what it does for me when you click on an unselected row – the selection is now only this row –, but not when you click on a selected row that is part of a multiple selection. This is different from Mac standard behavior.

I am afraid this is an issue for the Einhugur developer. There seem to be some inconsistencies when the events fire, but it doesn’t look like they are connected to the system – for me it’s working on OS X 10.10.1 (with the exception above), for others too, for another others :wink: not …