Selection sort

This is a Selection Sort program
In the above code, when i am putting int largest = 0 (LINE 7) before both the loops, program isn’t working. However when placed in between the loops, it’s working.

Don’t show us “C” code… show us how you implemented it in Xojo

i think those are java code??? or can java use C code???

“C” or “Java”… the point is… he didn’t show what he did in Xojo, so nobody can tell him what is not correct in his code

maybe he has not idea how to do it in xojo

indicates he did “something”… as opposed to “could someone help me understand how to translate this…”

but I notice he has not rejoined this conversation… leaving the rest of us to wonder, something I find to be non-productive :slight_smile:

weird… should just show us some code of what he has done