Selecting UI Colors

I am creating a app that will run on an iPhone attached to the handlebars of a Motorcycle/Bicycle. Its an MP3 player designed to be simple, but complete, and with LARGE buttons that can be easily seen without taking your eyes off the road, AND can be manipulated with fat-fingers (ie. large easy to hit targets).

I want to have TWO color palettes… each selectable by the user via a on-screen button. One palette would be for easy viewing during the DAY, the other would be a darker, less distracting display for night-time riding.

Does anyone know of any guides to help determine the best types of colors to use?

here is a prototype of the “daytime” skin I have so far… the button in the upper right would switch from Day to Night mode (and for those wondering… no… Apples new “nighttime” whatever mode is not appropriate for this), the “nighttime” colors would be darker, and the labels whiter (almost an inverse of this image)

I suppose you have already googled “ergonomic color perception”.

yeah… and so far all I have gotten is DayTime color scheme should be “warmer” than the nighttime… but so far nothing that gives a guide of specific colors that should (or should not) be used together…

I’m not even sure my “daytime” colors are even appropriate, but the good thing is I can reskin this just by changing a small text file…

You DON’T want to see what I have in the nightime skin right now… its looks like a Circus Midway on LSD :slight_smile:

Take a look here
Color Theory

You might also consider black with red letters & graphics because they don’t cause your eyes to dilate.

And check the effect on colour-blind people with a simulator …