SelectFolderDialog translation

Using Mojave in spanish and Xojo 2018R2, after building an application I have noticed that SelectFolderDialog shows a Finder like dialog where I may translate some items BUT the list at left displaying Documents, Images, etc is in Spanish and also the New folder button even if users OS is in another language (english, german, etc).
I understand that I have the option to translate some buttons and other items are fixed but displaying a window in a different language than user OS’s is very confusing.
Which options I have to get a dialog in OS user language?

[quote]Using Mojave in spanish
… even if users OS is in another language (english, german, etc).[/quote]

Which language is Mjoave running in - Spanish or English?
It’s an OS dialog, you shouldnt be able to change what it says.

The language of the OS where I build the application is spanish. The problem is that the dialog language seem to be “hard” included in the application using builder’s OS settings and there is no option to use the language of the final user.
This week a user from Bosnia send me a screenshot showing the dialog with:

  • Some options translated in English because this user has selected english in my application settings and app sets them in SelectFolderDialog options. This is fine.
  • The left list (Documents, Images, etc) and New Folder button are in Spanish just because I compiled the app in a spanish system.
  • Folder names at right in (I assume) Bosnian.