Selected row colors in multi-column LIstbox

I got a problem with ListBox or DesktopListBox on Windows, I do not usually deploy on Windows and I never got the same behaviour on other targets.
In a multi column ListBox the selected row is not highlighted properly or at least not in the way I’m used to under Mac or Linux. The selected line has highlighted only the first column content, not for the whole length of the column but just the text inside (see screenshot).
This happens in both light and dark mode with the only difference that in dark mode the highlight color is a pale grey where in other native Windows apps is the usual blue. Anyway this is not a big issue as I can paint the background as I like.
The issue with the multi-column selected row is that in light mode the text color become white only in the first column so if I paint blue the background of the other cells the text remains black and is barely visible against the blue background.
This behaviour is the same no matter if I compile under Mac or Windows for the Windows target, same also using ListBox or DesktopListBox. No issue for targets Mac and Linux.
Not sure if this is a bug or if I’mm missing something obvious… TKS

Did you implement the CellBackgroundPaint event? If so, are you returning True and not painting the background?

No event handled. For testing purposes, I wrote a basic app where the only code is to generate few lines in each ListBox. The app does nothing just shows the window.I tried also implementing the Cellbackgroundpaint and return a FALSE but the result is the same. Please note that not only the background is not correct in the columns after the first one, but also the text color is not updated (black text on blue background in light mode).
As an additional info compiling with a very old version of Xojo (2015) everything works well.