SelectColor with custom palette

I need to preload a color picker with a list of custom colors. I see that the SelectColor method displays the standard Apple color picker. I also see that that picker allows you (via the gear menu) to create and/or load sets of custom colors. These appear to be stored in ~/Library/Colors in some opaque NSStream-based format.

My question is: assuming I can decode (and therefore create) files in this format, is there a way I can cause the picker displayed by SelectColor to preload from a file (i.e., invoke the gear menu “Open” command programmatically?

Failing that, are there other color pickers out there that I can use? I’m really trying to avoid writing my own, but I will if it comes to that.


Well, in MBS Plugin we have the methods in NSColorPanelMBS for color lists.
NSColorListMBS is the class for those lists.

Thanks Christian,
I should have thought to look in the MBS examples first. I’ll take a look at the NSColorPanel Test example and see if it will do what I need.