Select case with multiple cases for the same actions

Is it possible to write a select case like this:

select case value
case 0, 1

case 2

end select

But use isa instead. What is the quickest way of going about doing this? Like this

I could use this and it should work (afaik - but I have wrote this straight into the forum without debugging):

select case value
case nil

case else
if value isa class1 or value isa class2 then

end if
end select


case isa class1, isa class2

Wow, I had no idea that worked. I learned something new.

You can also using something like this if you need to mix conditions:

select case True
case value IsA Class1, value IsA Class2
case value IsA Class3, i = 3
case value IsA Class4 Xor i = 5
end select

You get the idea.