SegmentedControl to SegmentedButton

I have a small 2019r1.1 app with a few SegmentedControls. I am trying to get everything in accord w. API 2.0 (2019r2.1). If i click on the popup and try to change SegmentedControl to SegmentedButton, it doesn’t stick. Where am I going wrong? Does API 2.0 require you to delete the offending control and replace with a new one from scratch ?

Try to type it into the box an press enter?

Tried that. no-go

Yeah, I ran into the same issue. Derk, typing it into the box doesn’t seem to stick either. I wound up having to move the old control out of the way, add in a new control and copy the code from the old one into the new one before trashing the old control.


Another bug to go. Hope they fix it for R3

The API 2.0 Guidelines explicitly point this out:

That makes me wonder is there is any behavioral or visual differences (subtle or otherwise) between them or although they are different classes, is the code under teh hood exactly the same…

While back I wrote a subclass to handle resizing the way i think it should work X-Platfrom , that enables the segments to have dropdown menus and some other stuff… and I wonder if it will all work right with a SegmentedButton.

for macOS, the SegmentedControl is a native control, and if I remember from my Swift tests, it has basically the same sizing features as the Xojo one. So if SegButton has more/different (such as height) then it may have become a non-native control

from what I can see they are identical