SegmentedControl setting width of specific button/cells

Mobile version does not seem to let you set specific size of the button in code or out. Prior versions I was able to change button size for individual labels/buttons/cells. Not worried about changing the over-all size just certain buttons/cells.

This code in the SegmentedControl opening event will help:

Declare sub apportionsSegmentWidthsByContent lib "UIKit" selector "setApportionsSegmentWidthsByContent:" (obj as ptr, value as Boolean)
apportionsSegmentWidthsByContent(me.Handle, true)

Actually you should be able to set the width of each segment:

Excellent thank you sir.

I think the link just sets overall width?

No it sets the width of each individual segment.

The call doesn’t provide specific values for either the width or the target cell; this doesn’t allow setting the width we want to a specific cell, but, instead, I guess this adjusts all cells (correct?).

I believe so I ran a small test and worked nicely.