SegmentedControl Runtime Caption


I have just read the xojo Documentation. It says that the name of Segments of SegmentedControl can not be change while runtime. Since my users also can select the program language while runtime, it would be very important to change the segments names. Is there really no way to implement this?


Where does it say this in the docs? It looks to me like you can change segment names for desktop, web and iOS SegmentControls.

The ITEMS of a segmented control on the desktop dont have NAMES
Nor do they on the web or iOS
They do have TITLEs and those can be changed at runtime

@Norman Palardy : Cool! Got it, but the Autocomplete will not show the TITLE-Property!

scVariation.Items(0).Title = kPhonetic(Lang)


No it wont as its … well … involved and messy