SegmentedControl not working on Windows 64-bit

Just migrated a project from Xojo 2016r3 to 2016r4.1 and notice a problem with SegmentedControl, but only when compiling for 64-bit Windows. When running in 32-bit all is well, but in 64-bit compiled applications the label and icons are disappearing when clicking the segments.
Too bad since this bug stops me from delivering something before xmas :frowning:

This is what I have been dreading for since the introduction of 64-bit builds - a bug that on affects the 64-bit builds.
Really stresses the need of a debugger that can run 64-bit.


We noticed a few days ago, report was verified.

Ah cool - I searched for “Segmented Control” so that’s why I missed that report. Will have to use Radio Buttons I guess

I couldn’t find it by searching Feedback.
I had to find the forum post

That says a lot about Feedback, now doesn’t it

Edit: Or that says a lot about SegmentedControl. The choice is yours :wink: