SegmentedButton.SegmentAt(X).Enabled not available

On desktop and Web I can disable an individual MobileSegment within a MobileSegmentedButton, but on iOS I cannot. Is this an iOS limitation i.e. should I put in a Feature Request or not?

mySegmentedButton.SegmentAt(1).Enabled = False 'command not available

Try this(untested)

Declare sub setEnabled_ lib “UIKit” selector “setEnabled:forSegmentAtIndex:” (obj_id as ptr, yesNo as Boolean, index as integer)
SetEnabled_(mySegmentedControl.Handle, false, 1) //disable item 1

This technique works. Thanks @Jason_King


This technique is no longer working for my iOS app.

I haven’t changed my code at all, I use it as above, but with a Boolean variable to set the status. I can set all the Segments to False and they’re all still non-greyed and click-enabled.

Does anyone have a fix or solution?