Segmented Control wont resize

Xojo 2020 R2

A segmented control cannot be set to align with the window edges
So when a window is resized, the segmented control does not.
Setting the control width manually doesnt seem to do anything.

We have to manually resize the segments, then call ResizeSegmentsToFit which implies that the segments are changing , not the control?

Making it properly lockable, and having a property ‘resize segments to fill parent’ should be enough, shouldnt it?


Thread about this recently I think :thinking: :wink:

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But surely the control should obey layout instructions so that the control resizes automatically.

Then an option to have the segments make themselves equal to
control.width / numberofsegments

I can see a use for resizeControlToFitSegments but since these are methods, there is scope for both to exist.