Segmented Control Wizard

This seems to work for “normal” segemented controls…
but the ICON column in the wizard seems to do nothing…
you can select an image file, but nothing happens… the wizard doens’t change nor does the segmented control

I am far from experienced with segmented icons but I would throw this out since you have not gotten a response yet. I am on a Mac using 2017 R.3 It is possible I am not clear with what you mean by wizard…

When I am in the segmented control editor, there are three columns:

On the right side of the icon column there is a “down arrow” like graphic. If I click on that, I am given the option to choose any of the images in my project as icons. There is a browse option and I can actually choose pictures elsewhere on my Mac.

If I select one, its name shows up in the Icon column (text)

In the control itself, I see them as images.

I am using desktop.

Yeah… thats my point… that is NOT what happens
I click the down arrow, I can chose a image file, but nothing happens with it