Segmentation Fault

Hey guys, I am trying to run a Console app that is compiled for Linux x64, and all I get is “Segmentation Fault” with nothing else attached. This is meaningless to me so I dont know how to fix it?

The same exact app was working fine in a CentOS x64 environment, But I migrated servers and I am now running on Debian Jesse X64 with all the patches and updates. First time trying this program though,

And now it fails. Segmentation Fault. tried chmod 777 to the executable and the libs, nothing. same thing.

any ideas? Its preventing one of my systems from functioning as it used to on my CentOS system.

if You run the app with ldd, does it indicate any missing dependencies?

Did you really compile for 64-bit or is that a 32-bit app and missing 32-bit compatibility libs?

And for upload to server, did you do binary upload? If it uses ASCII, converting line endings will destroy the file.

As far as ASCII/Binary, I dont know. I use FileZilla. Also, its definitely a 64 bit App, as I picked 64-bit on linux compile. As I said, it was working fine on a 64 bit CentOS system with no 32bit libraries.

I havent tried ldd as I never heard of it, but I will give it a shot!

ldd doesnt do anything. just says “statically linked”

Told FileZilla to transfer in Binary, Same thing. Segmentation Fault.

EDIT: I physically deleted the file via SSH, and re-transmitted it in binary. THEN it actually worked.