Seeking Peer Review of Xojo Book!

Hi everyone! I’m currently seeking an Xojo expert willing to provide a paid peer review of an upcoming book on Xojo programming.

Ideally, the reviewer will have the expertise to review the manuscript and provide feedback on the technical accuracy of the text. Expectations include the following:

  • Provide an overall assessment comment at the very top of each chapter.
  • Comment on any passages that you find unclear or that are likely to be misunderstood by readers.
  • Test all of the code and leave comments either confirming that it worked correctly or highlighting any errors observed.

For this review, we are offering $1 per page (approximately 280 pages) along with a complimentary copy of the print book upon publication. Additionally, we will include a dedicated “About the Technical Reviewer” biography in the front matter of the book.

This book is a comprehensive guide to mastering Xojo, catering to both beginners and experienced developers. It is suitable for novice programmers, students, and software engineers who want to write cross-platform code, as well as professional developers and hobbyists interested in building applications and controlling devices using Xojo and Raspberry Pi.

If you are interested in this opportunity or would like to learn more, please reach out to



a book on programming with Xojo is IMHO a fantastic idea !


Programming books in 2023? Succes with that …

Can you expand on your thoughts ? I am curious to know.

Really?? :roll_eyes:

They already produced one, some years ago:

Beginning REALbasic From Novice to Professional
May 2006


Who buys a physical book when there are a thousand and one online (free) clear tutorials (with or without videos)? The answer, of course, is old people who still want to learn programming when they retire, and even then. :rofl:

Name some (not videos), please.

This topic is about a publisher looking for a tech review of the book that someone wrote, please keep replies on topic so they can find who they’re looking for.


You are right, but Melissa gave her eMail, so this does not interfere.

Really, yes really.

I do, if it’s a good book. Hopefully the authors have hewn closely to Matt Neuberg’s original masterpiece


You can also borrow it from the internet archive! I have come to love that place.


I don’t have the time, nor probably the expertise to edit it. However I’ll buy it when it is completed.

– NOT an old retired grumpy guy wanting to learn programming… :slight_smile:



During the last few weeks there have been many questions that show the OPs are not knowledgeable of Object Oriented Progrmming. That makes for lenghtly threads. These people need a good help to learn Xojo. And the documentation does not fill the bill, not because Xojo documentation is bad, but because that’s not the role for the documentation.

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Hi everyone - thank you so much to everyone who has reached out about this opportunity and expressed interest. I really appreciate the curiosity and excitement for this book shown. This technical reviewer position has been filled and we are no longer seeking additional inquiries. Thank you so much!