Secure ServerSocket

Is there a way to get a ServerSocket to listen and connect to a secured connection?

Yes, you can use SSLSocket instead of TCPSocket for the sockets to handle connections.

Hi Christian…

I tried using an SSLSocket with secure = true in the AddSocket event… but it seems that the initial handshaking between the client and the ServerSocket fails and the request never gets to the SSLSocket.

TLS enabled on the SSLSocket?

I have tried all 4 connectionTypes if that is what you mean.

I have contacted the developer of the client to see if what version of SSL/TLS is required… but no answer yet.

It just seems to me that the ServerSocket is not handing the connection off to the SSLSocket… but I could be wrong about that.

Server Sockel Passes connection to new socket before any handshake is done.

Your socket really listens and the event to query sockets runs?

OK… thanks for the info. I will dig some more. Maybe something else is going on.

See also: feedback://showreport?report_id=49500

I suggest you put the client’s URL into this SSL Server Test tool and see what it reports the site as supporting / requiring for SSL (hopefully none) and TLS (hopefully at least 1.1+) versions.

It also lists what encryption methods it accepts for handshakes and other valuable information. No need to wait for the developer to respond.