Secure Remote Management and Realtime Event Notification for Dyn, No­IP, OpenDNS and DNS­O­Matic

Secure Remote Management and Realtime Event Notification for Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic

xProDDNS uniquely provides realtime email and text message alerts and a secure means of responding to them remotely. Devices ranging from smartphones to desktops can be used to securely monitor and manage Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic hosts.

Annapolis, Maryland, USA (January 28, 2015) - F.W.Roller & Associates LLC, cross-platform business software developers and Enterprise Resource Planning consultants, today announced availability of xProDDNS 2015 Release 1.1, “The Professional Dynamic DNS Client”.

xProDDNS now supports encrypted remote connections from any modern web browser. Use of a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to remotely monitor and manage Dynamic DNS hosts is usually in response to the receipt of a realtime email or text message notification that a significant event just occurred. The most common events are the change of a public IP address and the subsequent update to Dyn, No-IP, OpenDNS or DNS-O-Matic. Dynamic DNS hosts can now be securely monitored and managed with intuitive and attractive web user interfaces tailored to the varying bandwidths and screen dimensions of mobile and stationary Internet connected devices.

Safety and resource utilization were both focal points in refactoring the data and telecommunications aspects of xProDDNS in order to support encrypted remote connections. The results are comprehensive and measurable advances in security and performance.

This latest release of xProDDNS also includes many enhancements to the mobile and full web user interfaces to make them even easier to use. Design refinements and additional graphics were applied to improve the aesthetics of nearly every dialog.

“A great deal of effort went into making this release of xProDDNS even more secure and even easier to use while also making it easy on the eyes and easy on system resources,” said Fred Roller, Owner, F.W.Roller & Associates LLC.


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