SectionTitle with a DataSource?

In a table’s Action handler when I try to get the section title using:

Dim skill As Text = Me.SectionTitle(section)

I get an unsupported operation exception that says “SectionTitle cannot be used when there is a custom data source”.

Does this mean that this can’t be used with a table that uses a DataSource? The documentation for iOSTable>SectionTitle doesn’t indicate this.

It means that you need to define the section titles through the data source just like everything else.

Not directly, but the docs do say “Some methods only work with data that was added manually, some methods only work with data added using a data source.”

In summary:
[b]iOSTable.sectionTable() is used when adding data manually


Here’s a link right to the relevant part of the doc -$SectionTitle

Thanks, Gavin. In the action event handler of the table this is now working:

skill = ds.SectionTitle(Me, section)
Where ds is a property of the view that is an instance of the iOSDataSource class being used by the view.